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Clock with IR LEDs and motion detector (HD133)

In clock


In a waterproof wristwatch there is a hidden camera with HD resolution.
This camera allows you to take pictures in JPEG format with a resolution 4032x3024 pixels.
Besides photos, you can make audio and video recordings in fullHD resolution - 1920x1080 in AVI.
With the watch and you can record audio only, use it as a voice recorder. This makes it weigh a tiny audio recording in wav 128 kbps.
For the video in complete darkness there are four infrared LEDs that you can turn on and off depending on the circumstances.
To avoid unnecessary taking of records there is a software detector for motion to trigger the camera only when there is motion before the camera.
The watch has an internal memory of 4 GB.
The battery provides about an hour of continuous use of the device.


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