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8 channel DVR with 7" display (DVR27)



This is a portable system for monitoring and recording. It can accomodate up to 8 cameras and one audio source. You can watch the picture from the cameras directly on the built-in seven-inch screen or use an external VGA or HDMI screen.
To record files you will have to install a 2.5" SATA drive. You can choose between two recording resolutions D1 or CIF as the size of the disc should be selected according to the number of subscribed channels and resolution. The approximate size, which is needed for recoding is:
CIF - 5GB / day / channel
D1 - 20GB / day / channel.
After connecting it to the Internet you can monitor the cameras from your web browser on a remote computer or mobile phone.
You can start recording manually, on a predefined schedule or when motion is detected. When using motion detector there is a sensitivity setting and part of the screen that starts the recording operation.
For convenient use there is a mouse and remote control.
Power is DC12V.
Dimensions 220 * 140 * 50.5 mm
Weight 1.2kg (without disk)


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