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Bluetooth handsfree for helmet (D118)



This handsfree is suitable for attaching it to helmets. There are two earphones that you can mount on the helmet and a microphone with a flexible stand and robust clip for attaching it.
The device can be connected via bluetooth to a mobile phone and you can talk freely while driving. If you have a navigation system that supports voice commands you can connect it to the headset and follow the instructions. For a more pleasant journey, you can connect the headphones to any bluetooth mp3 player or other audio source and enjoy your favorite music on the go.
This handsfree has a built-in radio module which you can listen on the go. No need to worry that while listening to the radio will miss any important calls. The headset will automatically switch to phone mode when there is an incoming call.
The device has large buttons for more convenient control. It is equipped with a rechargeable battery and adapter and there is also a charging cable included in the kit.


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