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B08 - Super Sensitive Spy GSM Bug  (B08)

Audio devices


Features: It is very high technology device, the advanced SIM audio detector, monitor, SIM card spy-ear. Comes with specially designed small casing, embedded 4 microphone, it doesn’t need external software or configuration, just insert a valid SIM card into the SIM card slot, placing it at a inconspicuous location, you could listing to the sound of it's surrounding wherever and when you want to by making a phone call, it is the ideal SIM surveillance equipment you can’t miss. Please do not use it to engage any illegal activity. It works with at 900/1800. Specification: Frequency: 900, 1800, (Pls do not plug the CDMA sim card for the device,It will not work with the CDMA Card) Embed four condense microphone 24 hours continuous usage. All GSM SIM card compatible Microphone range: 10~14 Meters (diameter), 4 direction Receive sensitivity: -\+ 10K Working temp: -40~50 degree C Responding frequency: 1.2K~800Khz Stand-by time: 4 - 7 days Dimension: 7 x 4.4 x 1.8 cm Operating Procedure(Caution) Do not insert the SIM into the slot in the wrong direction. Charge the SIM card amount Place the SIM card into the slot with the contact points facing up (according to the pictures indication) LED Light indication will be activated after the SIM card is correctly inserted. SIM spy will be completed initialization and maintain in stand-by status, and The light will be off and it is ready to go. Just dial the SIM card number, you could hear the sound around the SIM card spy. Take out the SIM card 10 second later after the LED is off.


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