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Camera and audio recorder in a pen - 4 GB (HD18-4GB)

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Easy to use, slim design, built-in battery and small size, this camera has a 4GB memory card.
With this device you can take pictures in resolution 8 MP, capture audio and video files up to 640x480 and save audio files in wav file format. And all this is installed in a normal functioning pen.
If you want to record audio only, you can easily switch between modes with the mini switch mounted next to the USB port on the pen. In this mode you can record audio files in wav file format with the following characteristics:
Sample rate: 24 kHz
Bit rate: 192 kbps
Bits per sample: 8 bit
Channel: mono
In the second mode of the device you have a high quality camera. The pictures that you can take with it are 3264x2448 pixels in size. Filming is as easy touching a button at the top of the pen.
If you hold the button for about 2 seconds then you start recording audio-video file in avi file format in 640x480 resolution and 30 frames per second.
Recorded files are transferred to your PC without having to install any additional drivers. This hidden camera is automatically detected by the following operating systems: Windows ME/2000/XP/VISTA, MAC OS.
If you install the software from the installation CD, you can use this device as a web camera for establishing audio video calls over the Internet.
Finally, you can use it as a normal flash drive with a capacity of 4 GB.
The kit includes a charger and a charging cable.


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