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Camera hidden in waterproof watch 4GB (HD19)

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This is the first ever hidden camera that can record underwater at extremely high resolution.
It allows you to capture audio and video recordings in AVI file format with 1280x960 pixels and 30 frames per second or individual photos 3264x2448 in JPG file format. The built-in lithium-polymer battery has capacity 280 mAh which allows for approximately 100 minutes of continuous use.
Charging the battery is done by using the included adapter or via the USB port of the computer. The full-charge time is 3-4 hours. The camera has an internal memory of 4 GB. The device is automatically detected by the operating system and does not need installing any additional drivers. If you use the watch as a web camera you will have to install the software from the installation disk. Additionally, the camera can be used as a flash memory too. With this elegant box this hidden camera can be a very beautiful gift.

Note: This camera hidden in a waterproof watch is intended for shooting at depths of 2-3 meters. This is not a watch for diving. It is not designed to withstand greater water pressure.
When recoding under water it does not record sound.


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