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Hidden camera in a desk digital clock – 4GB (HD26)



This is the original product which unlike the cheap imitations on the market:
1. Has a motion detector.
2. Includes a memory card in the package.
3. Has a remote control
Apart from being a casual alarm clock this product is also a spy gear with a wide range of use.
With it you can take single pictures with resolution 1280х960, record audio-video files in AVI file format in 640х480 at 30 frames per second, record audio only or you can use it as a means of security system thanks to its motion detector.
All this can be set easily by using the remote control which has a 15 meters range. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a 2200 mAh capacity allows for continuous recordings on the microSD card in the clock. (4GB included in the kit)
The maximum supported capacity of the memory card is 32GB and you can record about 15 hours video on it. The minimum light level is 1 Lux and the viewing angle of the camera is 72 degrees. After installing the drivers provided on the installation disk you can use this clock as a web-camera.
With the USB cable you can transfer the recordings you made to your computer and it's recommended you play them back using KMPlayer. The time needed for a proper battery charge is 4 hours.


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