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Compact GPS tracker (GPS06)

With battery


This compact GPS Tracker is ideal for tracking the movement and route of children or pets.
On the back of the tracker there is a convenient opening through which you can put the belt of the child or the pet's leash.
The kit includes a belt and a waterproof bag to make you prepared for all conditions.
Furthermore, you are provided with two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and an adapter, which can charge them both.
With GPS06 you can track the route of the object in two different ways: the gathered data can be sent to a preset phone number by SMS or by using the GPRS mobile phone network you can get the data directly on your computer.
Although it is small in size this tracker has the full functionality which includes: an alarm for leaving a defined area, alarm for speeding above a certain speed limit, motion alarm, etc.
Its small size makes it especially suitable for the hidden tracking activities.
Dimensions: 50x46x24 mm


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