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Hidden camera in a volume sensor (HD35)

In smoke detector


This is a multifunction device hidden in fake security volume sensor. With it you can record audio and video files or conduct surveillance in real time. This device has no battery and it will work only when connected to the main grid-circuit. This way you can rest assured it will not stop just before the right moment. The camera is equipped with a remote control. Thanks to it you can control all the camera functions from up to 10 meters. Recordings are stored on the micro SD card (not included in the kit) with a maximum capacity of 16 GB. You can choose between two modes and manual "Motion detector" mode. You have the option to specify whether to overwrite the oldest file or stop recording when the memory is full.

Format – AVI file 640x480 at 30 frames per second
Size - about 15MB per minute
Operating temperatures – from -10 to +50 degrees.
Dimensions - 103x60x29, 5 mm


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