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Baby monitor with camera (BB01)



This baby monitor will provide you with a nonstop video and audio connection to the room where your baby sleeps.
The camera is equipped with comfortable and stable clip, which you can use for mounting the device.
The built-in infrared LEDs allow you to see through the camera in total darkness at a distance up to 5 meters away.
The sensitive microphone lets you capture even the lowest sounds. The camera can broadcast on any of the four standard channels.
On the 1.5 inch screen you can watch and hear what happens from 30-40 meters away within direct line of sight or 20 meters away in the presence of obstacles. The camera is powered by 9V adapter, while the monitor has a rechargeable battery with an indicator for "low battery".
The receiver is equipped with an AV output and by using a cable you can redirect the signal to a larger screen.


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