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Miniature GSM tap (B14)

Audio devices


This extremely small GSM "bug" is filled with very many features. You can use it as a standard GSM tap - dial the number that belongs to the SIM card it holds and listen.
By sending an SMS you can activate and stop the voice function – it dials your number only when it detects some noise.
You can also use it as a mobile phone.
The device has two buttons that can be set to dial a mobile number each. After dialing the number, you can establish a normal phone call.
There is a SOS button which when pressed sends an SMS with the text HELP and calls the preset two phone numbers. These features turn this gsm tap into a reliable connection, control and protection for your children or elderly relatives.
Despite its small size, this "bug" has over 48 hours standby time and over 1 hour of talk time. When the battery voltage falls below 10% you will receive a warning SMS. Again via sending SMS you can get anytime information about battery level.
Note: Due to the small size of the gsm tap it is necessary to cut one end of the SIM card so that it can fit into the device.

SMS commands:

- HM1088 ****** - sets contact N1
- HM2088 ****** - sets contact N2
- JY - switches to gsm tapping mode
- GDM1 – activates the voice control
- GDM2 – stops the voice control
- MT - return to default state (operates as a phone)
- GDM3 - returns information about the battery charge in %


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