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Audio receiver and listening device (B20)

Without sim card


This is a kit that allows you to conduct audio listening without being tied in any way to the mobile operators. It is very easy to use, so can be used by people with absolutely no experience in dealing with similar technical tools.
Turn the key of the device in the indicated position with a red dot, place it in the desired position, rotate the button on the receiver and adjust the desired volume. Thanks to the great power of the transmitter and the sensitivity of the microphone, you can hear crystal clear what is happening within the perimeter of more than 500 meters.
The package comes with a headset and with it only you can listen to the audio. If you plug in the headphone output any audio recorder you can save the audio to a file.
The receiver and listening device are equipped with rechargeable batteries.
Dimensions of listening device - 60x35x14 mm.


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