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Waterproof watch camera voice activated (HD52)

In clock


With this watch you can take pictures and audio-video files in high resolution and even under water. Note that this is not a dive watch and immersed in deep water this watch can be damaged.
Before using the watch please note the provided "cap". This is the cap that is screwed onto the microphone (right, below). If you crimp the cap with a hole, you can record sound, but you can not use the watch under water. If you want to record under water or in humid weather you should use the solid "cap". Watches soaked by misuse will not qualify for warranty.
The clock has a built-in infrared backlight which allows you to shoot in complete darkness.
The device can be used as a PC camera after installing the drivers from the installation disc.
To charge the lithium-ion battery or to transfer recorded files, first plug the cable jack in the watch and then in the USB port of your computer. Then it will be automatically detected by the operating system and will open as a removable disk. So you can see, copy or delete the files you made.
The camera has a voice activation mode that initiates recording only when the sound near it exceeds a certain level - 60 dB.


Video format - AVI
Video codec - M-JPEG
Resolution - 1920x1080
Photos – JPG


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