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Kit for video surveillance with 4 cameras and a motion detector. (BC34)



The whole set includes four wireless cameras transmitting audio and video on each of the four standard channels within the range of 2.4 GHz. With the included receiver you can watch on a monitor in real time any camera's stream and you can automatically switch between four of them. With the included software you can connect the receiver to your personal computer and turn this set into a security system. On your computer you can monitor all of the four cameras, record manually or in motion detection mode the signal from them and receive sound alarms or emails when motion is detected.
The cameras are waterproof and are suitable for outdoor use. They have 12 infrared LEDs that allow monitoring even in complete darkness up to 7 meters away. Their range is up to 100 meters within direct line of sight.
The video files are saved on your disc in MPEG4 file format and are sorted by date and time of recording.


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