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Digital recorder for landline phones (B23)

Without sim card


This is a powerful and practical digital recorder that will allow you to record every phone call made on the telephone where you will install it. You will be able finally to understand for what strange reasons, without any intervention on your phone the bill is oddly increasing. Operation is easy: once mounted on the telephone line and it automatically starts recording calls on an SD card. If you do not want all calls to be recorded, then you can switch the device to manual mode and you can record only conversations you are interested in, with start and stop recording manually. On the recorder there is a display that allows you to navigate the current mode of operation. Recordings are saved in folders for each day, the device creates a new folder. In 1GB it can save about 35 hours audio in MP3 format. You can play them directly from the recorder or transfer them from SD card (not included in the kit card) on your computer. The device also has audio output for listening to the conversations using headphones.


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