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Door peephole with a bell and recording ability (VD03)

Video door phones and peepholes


This door peephole allows you to make recordings of people who are looking for when you are away from home, with it you can see who is ringing the door, so that you can decide to open it or not, it can record a short video or photo on the memory card. In this way, you can later see who was there when you were away from home. The recordings are sorted by date and time so you have an accurate chronology of visitors.
It's powered by three 1.5V AA batteries. Thanks to the system for power saving it can operate for a very long time.


Internal Display: 136x75x18 mm
Exterior: 60x60x14 mm
size of the hole in the door: from 15 to 58mm
Door thickness: from 35 to 105mm


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