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Listening device with a PIR sensor (B30)

With sim card


This incredible listening device has something not found in any similar device. Its built-in PIR sensor makes it so unique, turning it into a mini alarm system with which you can track and learn everything that happens in the home or elsewhere, in which you put this device. Due to the extremely small size, which are of the order of 48 x 32 x 14 mm, you can leave it at any place in the room, and it will blend quite seamlessly. Its sensor that detects motion is effective about 3-4 meters from the device, and when it detects movement within range the listening device dials a preset number. And besides, that will allow you to find out in due time what happens, the device will allow you to hear the intruders and what they talk about.
The PIR sensor can be switched off and then can be used as a GSM listening device - simply dial the number of the SIM card and listen.


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