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GPS tracker without batteries (GPS17)

Without battery


This tracker has no independent power supply. To operate it you need to connect it to the car battery. The needed voltage is 9 to 24 V DC.
With it you can remotely control one of the relays in the vehicle (such as the one of the fuel pump). When you submit a command by SMS the tracker will turn off the fuel pump and it will stop the car.
This device is placed completely waterproof case, which which keeps the built-in GPS and GSM antennas.
This tracker has a vibration sensor that will alert you when the engine is started.
There are several options for receiving information for the location of the object - SMS with coordinates, link to google maps or in real time if you use a Web-based platform in real time.
The configuration of the device is done by sending short text messages to the SIM card in the tracker.
Dimensions: 87×43×14 mm.


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