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Listening device with MP3 player (B27)

Without sim card


With this listening device, you can have clear sound from quite an impressive distance - over 500 meters. The receiver is small, light and easy to use, the headset is equipped with several ergonomic rubber pads and the control is extremely simple.
In a touch of a button you can instantly record the conversation on the included microSD card with 2 GB capacity. The recorded files are saved in WAV file format at 128 kbps and have an approximate size of 1 MB per minute. Right after you stop the recording you can play it back or switch to previous files.
Again, just one click of the button turns the listening device into MP3 player. After switching to this mode, you can play, pause or switch to prerecorded MP3 files from the memory card.
The receiver and transmitter have built-in batteries that can be charged with the supplied adapter.


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