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Solar camera with a motion sensor (V21)



The camera has a PIR sensor which can be activated by any motion within a 15 meters range. When motion is detected the recording starts and in the same time you can choose whether the LEDs will be on or off. The device has 39 white LEDs, which provide enough light to be able to capture clear recordings, even in dark nights. If you want the recording process to be discreet, you can count on the six infrared LEDs.
The camera can be charged in three different ways that ensures a seamless long term performance. Can be powered by main circuit via adapter, by the solar panel or by a battery.
The records are in AVI format with in resolution 640x480/30 fps.
The camera has a microSD card slot where you can insert up to 32 GB memory cards. There is 4GB memory card included.
Designed for outdoor use.


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