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Video control system - 4 cameras (V19)


With this kit you will have four cameras, transmission over the wire and a four-channel video recorder.
The two dome cameras are designed for indoor use and there two cameras for outdoor use which are waterproof. Both types have infrared LEDs for night vision, allowing night surveillance at respectively 15 and 20 meters distance in total darkness.
The cameras broadcast in D1 resolution - 704x570 pixels.
The video signal from the cameras is fed to the video recorder, recording in H264 compression. Depending on the time you want to record, you can attach a hard drive with the adequate capacity.
For the ease of use you are provided with a mouse and a remote control.
The video from the cameras can be watched on a PC screen through the VGA output and TV output via composite output. With the RJ45 connector you can connect the recorder to the Internet and from a remote computer you can configure the system or watch the cameras.
The recorder can host a motion detector with the option to connect four alarm outputs.


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