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Receiver - 8 channels (V17)


This eight-channel video receiver is designed for feeding and signal reception from eight video cameras transmitting over coaxial cable. The maximum length of the 75 ohm coaxial cable is up to 800 meters. It also transmits power with voltage 12 V DC, 1A.
The signal from the receiver is fed by the VGA connector and can be connected to a recorder or screen.
A good quality transmitter that will help you to watch the signal from your camera directly on a screen or other video receiver. Providing power for the camera, which eliminates the need for an additional power adapter.
In the box you will also find:

1 cable for power and for video transmission
Highly efficient and stable power shifting technology
Remote video transmission without loss or distortion of the picture.
Easy installation
Professional design for easy control
800-meter 75-5 coaxial cable for clear video image without loss
Enhanced anti-disturbing capabilities.


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