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UTP video receiver - 4 channels (V16)


Four channel receiver, which lets you receive signal from four cameras that transmit over twisted pair and the same time it provides power for the cameras over the same cable. The effective distance between the camera and the receiver is up to 300 meters.
The receiver works with voltage 100V-240V AC, and its output is 12V, 1500mA per channel.
The cameras are connected to the receiver by RJ45 input and the output is VGA-BNC. The output of the receiver can be plugged into a recorder or screen for monitoring.

We present a multi-purpose transmitter which transmits the video signal while being powered by one UTB cable. It's a handy tool for monitoring the recording from your camera. It can be used with cables up to 300 meters.

The transmitter is a multi-channel video converter with integrated power adapter and thus your camera, which transmits the signal, will need no additional power source to operate. Widely used tool in security, safety and the other sophisticated surveillance and security systems.

It can transmit over long distances and here is the 300-foot long UTB cable can use.

It has anti-disturbance capabilities, i.e. jammers and other various frequency operated devices cannot interfere with it.
It can transmit multichannel video signal in real time which is a color video signal.

Technical specifications:

Input power - 100-240 V AC (50-60 Hz)
External power supply - 4CH / 4CH / * 12V 1500 mA
Connector - Standard AC jack
Maximum external voltage - 2.8 Amp
Compatible with: all the baseband signals such as PAL, NTSC, SECAM


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