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Kit listening device and audio receiver with recording (B25)

Without sim card


The kit allows you to receive clear sound over a distance of 500 meters. What is more, you can record in a single touch of a button the conversations that are interesting to you and you can play them back immediately.
The receiver has a microSD card slot, where you can use no cards bigger than 2 GB. A card with a maximum capacity of 2 GB allows you to save about 100 hours of recording time.
Audio is recorded in WAV format at 44 kbps.
To have a discrete listening experience you are provided with a stereo headset included in the kit.
The receiver and transmitter have rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. To extend the operating time of the transmitter it is equipped with voice activation mode, which turns the power off when it gets quiet nerby.
Dimensions of the listening device: 60x35x15 mm.


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