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HD camera in a car alarm remote control (HD66)

In remote control car


With this portable camera hidden in a remote from car alarm you can do audio-video recordings in three different resolutions, audio in WAV format and photos with 8 MP.

Video modes are:

640x480 720x480
1280x720 at 30 fps for all modes
In a text file named time. txt record the following:
2012.10.23 11:38:00 Y1
dateTime Y1 (Y = date display, N = does not show date) number means video resolutions.

1 = 640x480
2 = 720x480
3 = 1280x720

pictures are in resolution 3264x2499 pixels.

The camera has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery which allows for about one hour of continuous operation of the device. When you make continuous recordings the files are in AVI format with duration 25 min after which the camera automatically saves the file and starts a new one.
There is a microSD card slot, and the maximum size of the card that you can use is 64 GB.


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