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8 MP MMS hunting camera (HD65)

Hunting cameras


This hunting camera is able to take a picture with the impressive 8 MP resolution. The pictures it took can be sent as MMS or e-mail with GPRS internet. You can also record audio video files with in resolution 640x480 and these records are stored on the SD memory card. There is an SD card slot, and the maximum size is 32 GB.
The camera has an extremely sensitive motion detector and less time to start recording. It can detect objects at distances up to 20 meters, and the response time is 1.2 seconds.
To set the parameters you'll have to use a remote control and a 1.5 inch display.
To retrieve the records you plug the USB cable or you can watch them on the screen directly from the camera.
Located in waterproof cover it has tough belt for better installation.
The camera works with 4 or 8 AA batteries 1.5V.


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