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Door peephole with motion detector (VD12)

Video door phones and peepholes


Wide-angle peephole that allows you to capture extremely large area in front of your door. Viewing angle is 120 degrees and the 3.2 inch display allows you to examine in detail the person at the door. Display is touch sensitive and it controls and tunes the device.
When a visitor rings the front door bell the peephole automatically saves photos to a microSD card, so you can see who is ringing when you have not been home. Furthermore, there is a motion detector and the peephole will record everyone who passed near, even if he didn't ring the bell.

Even in the dark it can be usable because it is equipped with LEDs for night vision. < br /> The device is extremely easy to install and dismantle, it is easy to remove the screen and view the monitor records comfortably accommodated or transfer them to your computer.
Works with a rechargeable battery with a capacity 1000 mAh.


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