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B06 - VHF transmitter / receiver set (B06)

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This professional VHF transmitter / receiver set, sophisticated yet very simple to use , will transmit the quietest whisper with crystal sound quality. All you have to do is to connect it to the battery - that's all !!! Matching receiver receiving on WFM ABOVE the domestic commercial band, for the best privacy - please read description below. Don't permit others to listen to your private conversations! Keep it private!!! This set brings you the real privacy!!! It's using the latest SMT technology. All the components are Military Specs, the best and precise ones on the market. It's a piece of art design ! THE VHF TRANSMITTER * Working Voltage: 9V Alkaline battery * Board Dimension: ONLY 0.5" X 0.8" (1.4 X 2cm) ! * Long transmitting range: - up to 1/2 mile, (500m) please read the notice below. * The device is coated with special Anti-static material. * Penetrates through walls and ceilings. * Its tiny electret microphone is so sensitive that you pick up a whisper from about 30 feet radius , crystal clear. You won't miss a word. USA made by Motorola high amplification microphone. * The device will work several days on a 9V battery (alkaline), depending on the freshness and brand. * The transmitter comes FULLY ASSEMBLED AND READY TO USE, Just connect it to a 9V Alkaline battery and start listening. THE VHF RECEIVER * This is a semi - professional receiver, the most sensitive of its kind on the market. It's a Wide Band VHF receiver. * Airband receivers /transmitters work on AM, not Wideband FM as ours!!! * Our DIGITAL VHF radio receiver is a high quality, sensitive new receiver, working ABOVE the domestic range and will match the transmitter's frequency. Most scanners cannot receive WFM transmitters and the ones which are capable, cost up to 10 times more than this receiver, so you get the extended range and privacy. * Made in Japan, special design for the FCC and EC markets. * Wide-Band FM 105-130MHZ High Sensitivity. * WFM/MW/AM * Auto on by timer set. * External earphone jack and DC jack. * Stereo earphones. * Imported IC, high sensitivity, low noise, high S/N ratio. * Power: DC 3V, UM-3 x 2 AAA (Not included). * Size: 112 x 72 x 28mm. * External Telescopic antenna * Full digital display * Built in hi-fi speaker * Slightly touching electronic switch and AM/FM transition system * Light function * Alarm Clock. NOTICE Please note that transmitting distance vary due to different factors. The results you obtain depend very much on the sensitivity of the receiving FM radio, aerial of the receiver, buildings and other obstructions between the transmitter and receiver, atmospheric conditions and other nearby radio station transmissions.


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