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Portable flashlight Nitecore (D110)



This extremely bright LED flashlight can prove very useful not only to guards, researchers, cave explorers but is suitable for use at home too.
Powered only by four AA batteries it provides 860 lumens brightness. The light beam can reach distance of 283 meters. Although it's so effective this flashlight is surprisingly economical at the same time. With one set of batteries you can have 22 hours of light time.
The flashlight has several modes. Besides lighting it can be used as a source of SOS light signal, can be used as a beacon or a lamp strobe effect.
Using high quality steel material makes it quite shockproof and without a problem it bears fall from up to five feet height. However, it weights only 159 grams.
The flashlight is waterproof and can be submerged up to two meters in water.
Dimensions: length 117 mm .
Diameter 42mm.


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