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Listening device with camera and recording (B33)

With sim card


This unique device contains several way for listening and recording.
With it you can listen to the conversations around by simply dialing the number of the SIM card, that's just the way the standard GSM listening devices work. When you need your conversation recorded then with a single SMS command you can start recording on the microSD card. Again with another SMS you can stop the recording process. Audio is being recorded in amr file format.
If audio is not enough for you then again with SMS command you can record an audio-video file in avi, with resolution 480х320. With another SMS you can stop the recording.
Apart from the listening and recording you can use that device as a mini security system. The listening device can send you SMS when the sound level around it exceeds 60 dB. Apart from sending SMS you can configure the device so that it calls your number when it detects any conversation nearby.
The built-in battery allows several days of operation, but with SMS you can remotely monitor the battery level and charge it if necessary.


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