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B07 - Spy audio bug (B07)

Audio devices


* This profession grade wireless audio bug comes with a transmitter and a receiver.The tranmitter and receiver are built in rechargable Li-batteries that ensure it keeping working for about 5 hours.Just turn

on the power and plug the earphone in the receiver,you will hear clear voice arround the transmitter in a long distance range.
* Transmitter specifications:
* Transmission power:200mW
* Power supply:DC8V/300mA
* Transmission distance:200-400m
* Voice pick up:50-100 square meters
* Charge time:6-8 hours
* Working time:4-5 hours
* If there’s noise you hear,that may mean the battery is low power
* Size:58x36x16mm

Receiver specifications:

* Power supply:DC 9V/300mA
* Sensitivity:-80dBm
* Output power:0.2W
* Working frequency:200Hz-10kHz.
* Size:93x62x20mm


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