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Recording camera with motion detector (V27)



The camera is designed for outdoor installation. It is in a waterproof casing and a stand for mounting with two degrees of free positioning.
Camera installation is easy and no special skills are required.
There is a microSD card slot, where you can save the recordings. The maximum supported memory capacity is 16 GB (not included). You can choose between three levels of quality that reflects the size of the files made. Video resolution is 640x480 and modes are - low, medium and high quality. For each mode you change the number of frames respectively - 8, 12 and 20 frames per second. To avoid filling up the memory card with empty files, you can use the motion detector, so the camera will record only when it detects a moving object.
If you insert a card 16 GB you can have about 20 hours of recording on it. When the memory is over the oldest files will be deleted and in their place will be written the new ones.
For capturing in complete darkness the camera has 24 IR LEDs that allow visibility for about 15 meters away.


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